Project 3: Support for the training of masters and PhD students for combating HIV/AIDS and TB and new interventions in HIV/AIDS and TB


Research Scholars Programme in HIV/AIDS and TB

Project background

  • South Africa has a significant burden of the dual epidemics of H IV/AIDS and TB, which places significant strain on the health system
  • Realisation that there is a need to enhance our country‚Äôs understanding and management of these dual epidemics, but there is a possibility of turning this adversity into a positive by establishing South Africa as a centre of leadership in the management of these epidemics
  • The Masters and PhD scholarships will be awarded to South African citizens who wish to pursue research into clinical, health systems, and biomedical sciences in the fields of HIV/AIDS and TB
  • This will be part of the Clinical Scholars Programme of the NDoH managed through the Medical Research Council (MRC) and will focus on transformation within the health system, with a focus on female empowerment
  • The aim of this Programme is to produce up to 1 000 (one thousand) PhD graduates in different areas of expertise over the next 10 (ten) years
  • A selection committee will convene through the auspices of the National Health Research Committee in conjunction with a representative of the PHEF to select the recipients

PHEF commitment

  • The PHEF has contributed approximately ten million Rand in 2013 in support of this initiative and this will be administered through the MRC. A contract stipulating the conditions of the award has been entered into with each of the candidates

Progress on the project

  • The National Health Research Committee in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC) selected 24 students to do the research on HIV/AIDS and TB. Only 22 of the researchers are still on the programme and are funded through the PHEF
  • The ten million Rand has been transferred to the MRC for the PhD students who commenced their classes in March 2014

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