Objectives of the partnership

The partnership developed through the compact aims to:

  1. Leverage the common purpose of the private sector, through the pooling of Corporate Social Investment Resources, providing a less fragmented approach to Socio-economic development in the sector.
  2. Identifying and jointly execute initiatives in the areas of human resourcing, capacity building and HIV/AIDS and TB that will contribute to the strengthening of the public healthcare system.
  3. Enhance collaboration between the public and private healthcare sectors through an on-going sustainable and structured engagement between the two. This will facilitate greater co-operation and working experience between the two sectors, such that South Africa’s health challenges can be collectively tackled.

The initiative also aims to leverage funds within the private sector to maximise benefits for the types of projects envisaged, rather than adopting an individual or silo approach, resulting in a number of fragmented, smaller projects, which do not necessarily have the required impact.