Project 2: Academy for Leadership and Management in Healthcare


The Academy for Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Project background

  • A number of studies and investigations revealed serious challenges with the leadership and management of the health sector
  • The NDoH performed a skills audit of hospital management, which resulted in the re-advertisement of a number of posts for CEOs of public hospitals
  • In addition, the Minister of Health in November 2012 appointed an advisory panel to advise on the establishment of a Leadership Academy
  • Both these developments aim to significantly strengthen the management and leadership capacity of the health system
  • An induction programme was held with the CEOs, which was extremely successful and it is intended that the CEOs who participated in the induction programme receive on-going support
  • The advisory panel met in February 2013 to create a clear action plan with the aim of positioning South Africa so that the health sector leaders are prepared and credible

PHEF commitment

  • The PHEF is supportive of this initiative and intends to commit a contribution of approximately ten million Rand towards implementing these initiatives
  • The precise details of the areas for funding will be informed by the action plan that emanates from the advisory panel and which is endorsed by the NDoH
  • It was further proposed that the Health Systems Trust will carry out logistic and administrative functions based on the disbursement of funds from the PHEF

Progress on the project

  • HST has officially started its administrative duties as appointed by the National Department of Health
  • A Memorandum of Understanding between PHEF and HST was signed on 25 June 2014. A detailed project plan stipulating the work was also approved

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