Project 1: Expansion of Health Professionals


Expansion of the intake of medical students

Project background

  • South Africa has a significant shortage of doctors and specialists
  • The NDoH and training institutions have committed to increasing the capacity of training institutions in order to increase the intake of medical students
  • It is intended that there will be a transformative content to this endeavour, which entails greater targeting of students with potential from underprivileged areas, more especially rural communities
  • These students will require support and mentoring
  • With time, the scope of health professionals supported will widen

PHEF commitment:

  • The PHEF committed to fund approximately 100 (one hundred) students to be spread across all medical schools in South Africa
  • The total sum of this support was up to twenty million Rand in 2013, which was intended to cover the needs of students as well as assist the schools with regard to building capacity
  • Funds for each student will be disbursed quarterly to each medical school. The PHEF will in turn be regularly apprised of the progress of the students
  • It is noteworthy that in 2013, there was a total of approximately 440 (four hundred and forty) more students than in 2012 and it is intended that a material component of these students will be funded by the PHEF

Progress on the Project

  • The NDoH has signed the relevant Memoranda of Agreement with the medical schools and funds were disbursed to the universities that met the PHEF requirements

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